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1)How to download

1. Visit the Fchat official website (fchat.im), select the mobile phone model to download and install;

2. Go to Google App Store or APP Store, search for "Fchat" to download and install.

3. Reasons for download failure

•Download failed due to unstable mobile network: please download again later

•The mobile browser has too many temporary caches: You can try to clear the temporary cache of the mobile browser before download. •Downloading failed due to insufficient phone memory: Please delete files or programs that are not commonly used on your phone and then download again.

2)How to register

After downloading and installing the Fchat application on your mobile phone, you can click the "Apply for Wallet" option and follow the steps to complete the registration.

Note: To ensure safety, it is recommended to save the mnemonic phrase by handwriting.

3)How to derive mnemonics

Click "User Center" - Wallet Management - Backup Wallet - Enter the password to export the mnemonic phrase.

4)How to use the decentralized wallet mnemonic phrase to log in to Fchat?

On the registration homepage, enter the mnemonic phrase of the decentralized wallet to log in and use Fchat.

5)If you forget your password, how to retrieve it?

Delete Fchat APP, download it again, import the private key - log in - set password.

6)Can one mobile phone be bound to multiple Fchat accounts?

To ensure security, a mobile device is logged into one Fchat account by default, so multiple accounts cannot be bound and switched.

7)How to solve the problem if Fchat account is stolen?

Step 1: Not exposing the mnemonic phrase is the most effective way to ensure account security. If it is discovered that it has been stolen, please immediately use the mnemonic phrase to log in to the account, reset the password, transfer the account assets in a timely manner, and inform the contacts in the address book of the latest Fchat contact information.

Step 2: Investigate the cause and collect suspicious clues.

There are two main reasons why assets are stolen:

  1. Mnemonic phrase, private key or leakage

  2. Unintentionally giving scammers permission to transfer assets Therefore, when operating and using third-party links that require authorization, it is best to set the authorization quantity and cancel the authorization promptly after authorization is completed.

8)How to set a privacy password?

Enter my page->Settings->Security Center->Enable Fchat password, and set the security password (password to enter the normal space), privacy password (password to enter the private space), and burning password (entering the burning password will burn all data in the private space. Support members to recover data within 24 hours)


1)Add friends

1. Find FID or account address

Log in to Fchat > "+" in the upper right corner > "Add friend" > Search the user's FID or account address in the search box above to add friends;

2. Scan QR Code

When an Fchat user shows you a QR Code business card, you can scan the other person's QR Code business card to add him/her as an Fchat friend: log in to Fchat > select "+" in the upper right corner > "Scan".

3. Check "People Nearby"

Log in to Fchat > tap "Discover" > "Nearby People" at the bottom of the screen, you can randomly see nearby Fchat users who are using this feature, tap their avatar to add them.

2)Manage friends

1. Delete friends

Open Fchat->Contact Book->Click on the photo of the friend you want to delete->"..." in the upper right corner->Delete Friend

2. Set blacklist

•add to blacklist

Open Fchat->Contact Book->Click on the photo of the friend you want to delete->"..." in the upper right corner, open the "Add to Blacklist" button, and then "OK". Users added to the blacklist will no longer be able to send you messages or view your Moments.

• View blacklist

After adding friends to the blacklist, you can view the friends you have added to the blacklist through "My" -> "Notifications" -> "Contact Book Blacklist".

•Remove blacklist

When you accidentally add a friend to the blacklist, or you want to cancel the blacklist setting for the friend, you can go to "My" -> "Notifications" -> "Contact Book Blacklist" -> click on the blacklist you want to cancel. Set the friend avatar -> Enter the friend details interface -> "..." in the upper right corner -> Remove the blacklist.

3. Initiate a complaint

If you find that your friends behave abnormally or illegally, you can try to file a complaint!

Open Fchat->Contact Book->Click on the friend's photo post->"..." in the upper right corner->Complain, select a reason for complaining to him, and "Submit" in the upper right corner. The Fchat team will verify the situation based on the information you provided.

3)Group management

•Create groups

Open the Fchat homepage -> "+" in the upper right corner -> Start a group chat, select the friends you want to invite to the group, and press "OK" in the upper right corner to successfully create a group chat.

•Save group to address book

Enter the group->"..." in the upper right corner->Save to address book, open the button and you can successfully add it to the address book! After being saved to the address book, even if the group chat window is accidentally deleted, it can be retrieved through the address book.

•Group management

As the creator of a group, you can enable administrator review invitations and transfer creator management rights.

(1) How to join a group

Fchat group creators can personalize the way to join the group, and group members need to go through the customized method before joining the group. When using the customized group joining function, the method of scanning the QR Code to join the group will be disabled.

How to enable: Enter the group->"..." in the upper right corner->Group management->Administrator review invitation

(2) Transfer of the founder’s management rights

Enter the group->People "..." in the upper right corner->Group management->Transfer of creator management rights, and select a group member as the new creator.

4)How to enable/disable phone microphone, camera, address book and geographical location information permissions?

To view or disable permissions for your phone's microphone, camera, address book and geographical location information, please go to "Settings" > "Applications" > "Permission Management" > select Fchat. You will be able to view the system functions that Fchat has been authorized to use, and Change authorization.

Note: The setting path may vary from device to device.

Note: Fchat uses end-to-end encryption technology. Even if you use voice or video calls, Fchat cannot record any of your call information, so please feel free to use it.

5)How to check my QR code?

Click the avatar - QR code - Save to save the QR code to your mobile phone and send it to your friends to establish communication.


1)Is there a threshold for participation?

There is no participation threshold for contribution value. Any Fchat user will receive contribution points when using, registering, and sharing. The more people share and the more functions they use, the more contribution points they will receive.

2)The role of contribution score

Contribution value points can be redeemed for: profit dividends, gift exchange, lucky draws, token/NFT airdrops, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, contribution value treasure chests, travel funds, investment opportunities, health insurance, education funds, job opportunities, road show funds, advertising Discounts etc.

3)The more contribution points, the higher the level?

The more contribution points you have, the higher your Fchat user level will be and you will enjoy more benefits.

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