🔅Fchat Advantage

As the world's first Web3.0 privacy social software, Fchat not only has the characteristics of Web2.0 social software with rich functions and convenient operation, but also has the characteristics of Web3.0 social decentralization. Fchat is the link between Web2.0 and Web3.0 bridge.

Fchat has the following advantages:

(1) Mnemonic registration and login: Fchat can be registered and logged in by using mnemonic/private key, no need to collect users' mobile phone number/email address and other personal information, so as to eliminate the source and leakage of personal information.

(2) Refuse to listen and read data: Fchat adopts end-to-end encryption technology, information can only be decrypted by both parties in the chat, and cannot be read by any third party.

(3) Double protection of privacy space information: Fchat has a double password for access and privacy space, which realises the privacy of the information without any trace and makes the personal information data security more secure.

(4) Rich social functions: Fchat supports instant messaging, voice/video chat, circle of friends/fans, and other rich social functions to meet all the social needs of users.

(5) Simple and convenient operation: Fchat is easy and convenient to operate, in line with the user's habits, with a friendly operating experience.

(6) No need for VPN: Fchat deploys servers all over the world, so you can enjoy high-quality global chat service without VPN.

(7) Encrypted Transfer/Asset Storage/Encrypted Payment: Fchat supports encrypted money transfer, encrypted asset storage, encrypted fast payment and other functions.

(8) Web3 Browser: Fchat is equipped with GameFi/DEX/Web3 browser and other functions, forming a perfect ecological collection to satisfy users' multiple usage needs.

(9) Contribution Value Mechanism: Fchat’s original contribution value zero-creation mechanism returns user value to users. Users are not only users but also beneficiaries, making every user a beneficiary of the platform.

Fchat is social-centric, socializing cryptocurrency financial scenarios, and realizing transfer transactions, asset flows, asset custody and other social plus financial functional scenarios, and will lead Web3 social networking.

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