FDAO is composed of Web3 enthusiasts from around the world, dedicated to merging the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with online social interaction. Through the development of FDAO, it aims to redefine traditional social experiences to promote the global growth of Fchat.

The primary responsibilities of the FDAO organization include self-governance of Fchat's organizational structure, community promotion, and community decision-making, all with the goal of fostering the global expansion of Fchat.

FDAO Organizational Structure

Board of Directors (7 members): FDAO's highest decision-making body, responsible for customizing major strategies and policies, initially temporarily managed by Freeture's core team and later elected by FDAO's organizational members.

Development Committee (33 people): FDAO organizes the executive team responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors, including project management, development, and marketing.

Global Strategy Preparation Team: FDAO's core strategic reserve team, responsible for FDAO's global promotion as well as the development of the market and reserving excellent talents for the Development Committee/Board of Directors.

DAO Member: FDAO Basic Member, holds FDAO NFT and participates in voting and proposing, has many benefits of NFT incentive awards and FDAO development.

Community Contributors: community contributors who do not hold an FDAO NFT but are actively involved in program development, social media outreach, documentation, etc.

Core Contributors: play an important role in the FDO and are responsible for specific areas such as development, security audits, marketing, etc.

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