Public Chain Overview

SyncPulse Network is a Web3.0 communication public chain developed independently by the FREETURE technical team to meet the demands of the next generation of the internet for data security, privacy, and fast on-chain communication. SyncPulse Network will incentivize global users to collectively build a Web3.0 communication network through DAO governance.

The Role of Communication Public Chain

Decentralized communication: the communication public chain is based on blockchain technology, which enables decentralized communication and eliminates the dependence on centralized communication service providers.

Autonomous Governance: Autonomous governance can be achieved by establishing your own communication public chain without the influence of other blockchain projects.

Privacy protection/data security: social apps usually involve the transmission of sensitive user information, and establishing its own communication public chain can ensure better privacy protection of user data.

Preventing censorship and blocking: some regions/countries may impose censorship and blocking on social apps, and your own communication public chain can increase the ability to resist these measures.

Application ecosystem: Fchat will build a huge application ecosystem through socialization, and through the independently established SyncPulse Network, interoperability can be formed within the ecosystem, including wallets, payments, exchanges, cross-chain exchanges, GameFi and so on.

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