💰Future Investment

Fchat will set up a venture capital organization, Future Investments, to identify, incubate, invest in, manage and monitor Web3 projects.

Project Screening and Evaluation: Responsible for actively screening and evaluating potential projects in the Web3 space. This includes regularly tracking market trends, keeping abreast of emerging technologies and innovations, and networking and relationship building to gain information on the most promising projects.

Incubation support: Provide early stage Web3 projects with the incubation support necessary to help them succeed. This may include providing technical and business mentoring, access to web resources, provision of office space and infrastructure, and helping projects build initial users and communities.

Investment Decision Making: Developing investment strategies, evaluating the risks and rewards of potential projects, and making informed investment decisions.

Funds management: Manage investment funds allocated to the sector to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately, returns are maximized, and that they are in line with the objectives of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs fit with the company's financial objectives.

Risk Management: Develop a detailed risk management strategy to mitigate the various risks that accompany investments in the Web3 space. This includes the management of technology risks, market risks and regulatory risks.

Project monitoring: Ongoing monitoring of invested projects to ensure that they are implemented as planned, and providing support and guidance as needed. This helps to maximize the chances of project success.

Community Building: Facilitate interaction between the project and the Web3 community to help the project build a strong community of users and supporters for long-term sustainable growth.

Market Analysis: Regularly analyze market trends, competitor dynamics and technological advances to ensure real-time adjustments to investment strategies and to capitalize on market opportunities.

Compliance and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that investment activities are following local and international regulations, particularly as they relate to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in order to minimize legal risks.

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