Features of Fchat

1. Social functions


Registration/ Login: Users can register and log in using a mnemonic phrase/private key, eliminating the need for centralized registration methods.

Adding Friends: Users can add friends using wallet addresses, FID (Fchat ID), or QR codes.

Rich social features

Instant Messaging and Chatting: The core functionality of Fchat is instant messaging and chat, allowing users to communicate with friends in real-time using text, emojis, images, voice messages, and videos.

Moments: Fchat features social sharing, enabling users to post text, images, links, and more. These posts can be viewed, commented on, and liked by friends, making social interactions more engaging.

Voice and Video Calls: Fchat supports voice calling and video calling features, which allow users to make real-time calls to their friends over the internet with great call quality.

Location Sharing: Users can share their real-time location information on Fchat, making it easier for friends and family to find each other on a map.

Emojis and Animations: Fchat provides a wide range of emojis and animations, enhancing the fun of communication.

Group Chat and Groups: Users can create group chats for multi-person conversations and create groups for discussions or sharing on specific topics. Fchat supports groups with up to 100,000+ members.

Crypto Red Packets: Fchat supports cryptocurrency red packet functionality, allowing users to send cryptocurrency red packets to friends, making social interactions more interesting.

Voice Messages: Users can send voice messages by holding a button, making communication more convenient, especially for quick exchanges.

People Nearby: Users can discover and connect with others using Fchat in their neighborhoods.

2. Application function

Decentralized wallet: Fchat combines social interactions with wallets, enabling encrypted digital asset transfers between users. This streamlines the entire cryptocurrency transfer process, and users can log in to Fchat using the mnemonic phrase from any decentralized wallet.

Fchat Crypto Payments: Fchat supports integration with Fcard, allowing users to store cryptocurrency from their Fchat wallet in Fcard. Users can use Fcard for everyday spending, such as card swiping, currency exchange, and all transaction details will be visible in the Fchat wallet, making cryptocurrency daily consumption a reality.

Fchat Meeting Hall: Meeting Function: Fchat supports remote meetings and online communication, including video conferences, screen sharing, chat, message recording and playback, meeting scheduling and booking, and multi-device support, meeting the remote collaboration needs of businesses, education, and individuals.

Fchat Contribution Value Marketplace: Fchat includes a contribution value marketplace, offering users affordable and diverse product choices. Users can use contribution value points to redeem free goods in the marketplace.

Moments: Fchat features social sharing, allowing users to post text, images, links, and more. These posts can be viewed, commented on, and liked by friends, making social interactions more engaging.

Fchat Videos/ Live Streaming: Fchat will provide powerful video and live streaming features, allowing users to have high-quality video calls and live events, with real-time audience interaction.

Fchat Browser: Fchat includes a Web3 browser, allowing users to access any decentralized application on the blockchain through Fchat, meeting various user needs.

Fchat Swap: Users can use the Swap feature on Fchat to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies on different blockchains. Through the Swap feature, users can conveniently and efficiently exchange tokens, improving transaction efficiency.

GameFi: Fchat also supports various blockchain games, making social interactions more enjoyable.

3. Privacy Space and Encrypted Access

Self-destructing Messages: To protect the privacy of both parties, Fchat supports self-destructing messages, ensuring secure information exchange.

Encrypted Privacy Space: Fchat introduces the encrypted privacy space feature, allowing users to set a password for their privacy space. Important contacts and groups can be moved into this space, and their information will only be displayed when the privacy space password is entered. If the regular login password is entered, the privacy space remains hidden, providing dual protection for personal privacy.

Destruction function: Users can set a destruction password in the security settings. In emergency situations, users can directly delete contacts, chat records, and groups from the privacy space using the destruction password. Users can also apply to recover deleted records within 24 hours; after 24 hours, all information will be permanently deleted.

4. Crypto Community Groups

Fchat optimizes the crypto community group function to make group management more convenient and personalized to meet the needs of different users.

Multi-Person Chats: Increased group chat capacity supports conversations with tens of thousands of members.

Group Access Control: This feature allows adding cryptocurrency contract addresses in group settings. For instance, users can require holding a certain amount of specific tokens or NFTs or impose other custom conditions to limit group access.

Exclusive Content and Interactions: Group administrators can use this feature to create exclusive access conditions, enabling group members to access exclusive content, interactions, or special privileges. This can motivate users to join groups and actively participate.

NFT Integration: Special privileges associated with specific NFT holders. For example, only users holding a particular NFT can join a certain group or gain specific privileges.

Group Meeting Function: Supports group meetings for better communication and interaction among group members.

Pin Messages and Notifications: Supports pinning messages and notifications to prevent group members from missing important information.

Double Deletion of Messages: Supports double deletion of messages for enhanced security.

Group Member Contribution Value: Shows contribution value levels of group members.

Set as Privacy Group: Supports setting privacy group permissions for confidential group management.

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