Rank Entitlements

LV0. User rights

  • Fchat Communication Features

  • Fchat Privacy Features

  • Fchat Private Chat Features

  • Fchat Promotional Privileges

LV1. User rights

  • All LV.0 Permissions

  • Creating Groups and Managing Group Permissions

  • Group Messaging Privileges

LV2. User rights

  • All LV.1 Permissions

  • Redemption of Level 1 Contribution Value Treasure Chest Access (100USDT)

  • Eligible to join FDAO organizations

  • Eligible to participate in voting Community Affairs

LV3. User rights

  • All LV.2 Permissions

  • Redemption of Level 2 Contribution Value Treasure Chest Access (500USDT)

  • Can open the contribution value marketplace and exchange peripheral items of contribution value marketplace

  • Can claim one Fchat Roadshow reimbursement up to 300USDT (consumes 30,000 Contribution Value)

LV4. User rights

  • All LV.3 Permissions

  • Redemption of Level 3 Contribution Value Treasure Chest Access (2,000USDT)

  • Access to holiday gift care (does not consume contribution value)

  • Access to travel program funds, available once a year, up to $1,000 (consumes 100,000 contribution value)

LV5. User rights

  • All LV.4 Permissions

  • Redemption of Level 4 Contribution Value Treasure Chest Access (4,000USDT)

  • Eligible for salary reimbursement, provided once a year, with a maximum amount of $1000 (consumes 100,000 contribution values)

LV6. User rights

  • All LV.5 Permissions

  • Redemption access to Level 5 Contribution Value Treasure Chest (10,000USDT)

  • Individual health insurance plan available, fully paid for by Fchat (limit 2,000USDT, consumes 200,000 Contribution Value)

  • Earn Fchat Global Pioneer Leader title, employed by Fchat as a global KOL, receive 1500USDT salary per month (consumes 150,000 contribution value)

  • Eligible for Fchat regional agent privileges, can run for Fchat ambassadors

LV7. User rights

  • All LV.6 Permissions

  • Redemption of Level 6 Contribution Value Treasure Chest Access (50,000USDT)

  • Access to the Learning and Education Fund, available once a year, up to a maximum of 5,000 USDT (consumes 500,000 Contribution Value)

  • Get annual birthday party subsidy, limit 2,000USDT, consume 200,000 contribution value

  • Receive Fchat Global Club Grant, 3,000USDT Club Grant per month (consumes 300,000 Contributions)

LV8. User rights

  • All LV.7 Permissions

  • Can lead large-scale projects and initiatives in the community

  • Access to Family Travel Fund with an annual limit of 15,000 USDT

  • Access to Family Health Insurance Fund with an annual limit of 15,000 USDT

  • Get an annual transportation travel fund with a limit of 10,000USDT per year

LV9. User rights

  • All LV.8 Permissions

  • Access to the Fchat DAO decision-making committee, become an honorary Fchat shareholder, and receive Fchat shares

  • Get priority for project incubation and investment

  • Receives a share of Fchat's incubation program

  • Recipient of special awards and honors from Fchat

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