Overview and Role

The biggest difference between Web3 and Web2 networks lies in the ownership of user data. In the Web3 era, users have control over their own data and can even profit from it. Essentially, compared to the traditional model of internet companies, users benefit from the value of their own data. In contrast, the operation of Web3 promotes a deeper integration between users and products/companies, resulting in more profound synergy. Fchat adopts the Web3 network with a user-centric approach and incorporates a contribution value mechanism, allowing users to not only be users of Fchat but also beneficiaries. All users can participate in using/promoting Fchat and earn contribution values.

Contribution value redefines the role of users in the social network economy, enabling users to grasp the entire network's development and growth, and establish powerful network effects. The driving force of the crypto-economic system is more powerful than the social economic system, and economic models related to user economic interests are more powerful than pure social activities. Incentivizing mechanisms through contribution values can promote the rapid and widespread adoption of Fchat, quickly aggregating a massive user base.

Functions of Contribution Values

  • Profit Sharing

  • Goods Redemption

  • Lucky Draws

  • Token/NFT Airdrop

  • Birthday Gift

  • Holiday Gifts

  • Tourism Fund

  • Discounts on Advert Placement

  • Contribution Value Treasure Box

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Health Insurance

  • Education Fund

  • Job Opportunities

  • Roadshow Funding

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